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Yeah, The End
Автор YOAV - LYRICS   

Sitting down,
Sleeping city sidewalks,
To see what light and darkness brings.

A man in the moons,
That can't carry a smile,
Can't have smile in the back of the head.

I start to spare the day with grass,
To see what dark and lightness brings,
The old man under the other boxes,
"Boy I seen so many things".

Yeah, Yeah Yeah,
Don't fear, the end,

I stumble up,
And streetlights flicker,
Never got things so clean in the dark,
And something's always dying,
Something's always been born,
But if something's always been born,
That means some things always die,
And if no son plays on when this plays out,
Then what's the use in trying?

Yeah, yeah yeah,
Don't fear, the end,
Don't fear, the end,
Is near,

When the motorcycle helm,
Comes, falling out as in the distance,
So I hitch myself a ride,
With three kind old sisters,
We watch the runway stand by,
Two sons above the low crime,
Lost exit and a one way out from the east,
To the west, to the north, to the south.

I'm heading home in daylight,
Dazzled by reflections of the sun,
The shadow falls behind,
'Cause I'm just the same as everyone.

Yeah, yeah yeah,
Don't fear, the end,

Outside the road is turning,
I'm falling through the sky,
For hours in the distance,
Three sisters standing by.

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